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Xiaomi Phones hits the US Market, but no optimization for the US markets!

This is pretty known to all that Xiaomi is one of the fastest emerging Mobile and Smartphone manufacturers in the Global scenario and has stood distantly ahead among the other struggling Mobile companies. Whilst the China based company has managed to make a significant place for itself in Asia, it’s still unavailable in the Western markets to put your hands on. Then it’s like so that though the Techno giant has managed to occupy a place of prominence for itself in Asia, it’s an absolute zero in the European markets. So if you are a lover of the Xiaomi brand residing in the Western countries and wonder when the company is gonna launch Smartphones in your area, then you might expect it soon.

By the way, the US Mobile has already started importing Xiaomi and Meizu Smartphones to sell under the T-Mobile network. The Smartphones are Redmi 2, the Mi 3, and the Mi 4, and the Meizu Note 2. But what’s the basic fault you will find in all these devices are that they are not optimized to be used in the United States. Then you will definitely take a second thought to put your hands on any of these devices. You might even wonder how so! How the devices are not optimized for the US markets though sold under the popular Carrier T-Mobile! We so think the same also. We assume. are not things official with this launch?

So if you might be expecting to put your hands on an inexpensive handset, then any of these handsets might well suit your requirements. Definitely the $199 to $219 range is fine and the investment you make for any of the said devices is quite worthy if compared to the specs, but we doubt if the phones will be equally worthy to be used on everyday basis. Because the Smartphones have not been optimized for the US mobile networks, so there is no question of any LTE option for you. And because all the handsets come pre-loaded with the Chinese apps and services, so those will not be functional in the US.

Now arises the question, if you will really like to put hands on any of the said Xiaomi devices? What you think guys? Would you like invest money on any of these devices? Don’t forget to share your views with us.

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