Does iPhone 7 comes with a Laser Keyboard?

iPhone and wearied talks are sole followers. But all talks about iPhones can’t be named wearied. Yes, you better understand what we wanna say. All those apple lovers must have remembered that how rumors were making it around the corners about the assumed benevolent features before the release of the Apple iPhone 6 & 6+. But interestingly all assumptions remained confined to rumors only and nothing such happened. But seems, the forthcoming device from Apple, the Apple iPhone 7 is gonna carry out some features as mentioned in the previous rumors.

Of course, it’s not known when the Apple iPhone 7 is going to hit the markets. But sources reveal sometime in 2015 only and we are also not sure if the device will be named as Apple iPhone 7. These are all concepts and assumption. And the biggest assumption accompanied to the release of this device is a Laser keyboard, which of course seems weird. But this is the hottest news around the corners about the iPhone 7 right now.

Sources reveal if the iPhone 7 is about to feature an iPhone holographic keyboard which will be projected onto surfaces using four pico projectors and you can use it to type text. This laser keyboard will be operational with PC’s , iOS and Android devices via the Magic Cube device. If this concept really got integrated to the Apple iPhone 7, then it will be proved to be a boon for the Apple lovers.

While Microsoft is busy in attempt to make Windows 10 an absolutely unique OS, so there is chances that apple might not steps in to compete and Apple CEO Tim Cook had made it clear in the past. But what we hear if comes true, then the upcoming Apple iPhone 7 can be used like a desktop computer by making it connected to a monitor, mouse and keyboard. But to what extent this so called Laser Keyboard is true is yet to be seen. You can get a detailed operational concept of the Laser Keyboard here in the video.

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