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Security fault in WhatsApp, Spy software automatically gets installed on Phone

Few days ago Facebook was in news for leaking users personal data. After it was confirmed that it happened due to a security fault. Now the same security fault is marked in the world’s most popular instant messaging app WhatsApp.

Facebook has accepted that it’s a security concern and because of this an unknown spy software is being installed in users Smartphones automatically. According to Britain’s popular newspaper Financial Times, this spy software has been developed by an Israel based company.

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This spy app is being installed on user’s Smartphones via WhatsApp call. Reports convey that if someone doesn’t receive the call, still the software gets installed on their handset. According to researchers at Canada, by means of this spy software the Human rights activists and advocates can be targeted.

According to reports, the Facebook Engineers had an emergency meet on Sunday to find a quick solution to this issue. Facebook has suggested the WhatsApp users to upgrade to the new version to get rid of this spy software. But it’s yet to be known how many users have become victim of this software. While more than 150 crore users use WhatsApp across the globe, it’s assumed that only counted people are targeted by this software.

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What You should Do?

Now question arises, if by chance the spy software is installed on your app then what you should do. Then the first thing you must do is to update your WhatsApp to the latest version. Then go to the download folder in your phone and check if you find any suspicious file in it which you have not downloaded. Uninstall this app immediately. If possible, you must factory rest your Smartphone once.

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