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How to Enable Whatsapp Multi Device, and login works on Android

WhatsApp has been compatible with various devices for a long time and this feature is finally available for beta testers. Shortly every other user will be capable of using this secret to create their WhatsApp account on different devices (up to four) at the same time without a phone via internet. If you are using the beta version of the app, you can use the WhatsApp feature for many devices. Hence, check out the enable of this Multi device feature of whatsapp on your Android.

For now, you can use the WhatsApp application on the web or on your phone. But in this new feature, you can use your WhatsApp account on 4 devices and keep your phone online. See how to use this feature.

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Enable Whatsapp Multi Device, and login works in Android

1.Open the WhatsApp app on your phone, then tap the three dots in the top right corner.

2.Instead of the WhatsApp website, you’ll see the “linked devices” option.

enable whatsapp multi device feature

3.You’ll now be taken to the new “Connect to Device” page, where you’ll see the “Multiple device beta” feature. Click on it

4. Since the form is now in beta, you’ll need to click the “Join Beta” button on the next page.

Beta is a great way to create and connect to the Internet, “Link a device” is used so that you can sign in to your WhatsApp account.

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Necessity of Whatsapp Multi-Device Beta

  • You can use WhatsApp on up to 4 devices and mobile phones at the same time.
  • Even if your phone is offline, all connected devices will still work.
  • This feature no longer supports two phones, you can use WhatsApp web and desktop clients.
  • You can make audio and video calls through these connected devices.
  • When you are online on the WhatsApp website or desktop, people with older versions of WhatsApp cannot chat with you.
  • The connected device will automatically log out of your account after 14 days of inactivity.

As mentioned above, this feature is now available for beta testing. So, if you want to check if you have this feature, then open the settings of the WhatsApp website that is now connected to the device and see “Multi- device beta device” whether there is a newer version.

If you don’t see this multi-beta device, don’t worry, the WhatsApp app is now being tested for a specific group of people and more beta testers will be available soon.

How to use WhatsApp on multiple devices at the same time without bring your phone online. If your phone also shows this feature, let us know in the comments. Stay tuned for other tips and tricks!

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