Now watch 360 Degree videos of Youtube

Our favorite video sharing website  Youtube has turned 360D! It is true, Google has announced that YouTube will be supporting 360-degree video. Users can both upload and stream videos. Users will be able to  watch these new videos are only with embedded videos in Google Chrome or  on the Android app .

360 degree videos seem very interesting as while, watching the video users can click and drag to pan around the video and see everything around them which is very exciting. But google says that users will get real experience on their Android devices. Users can pan around just by simply moving your device.

Those users who want to upload a video, there is script provided by Google that makes sure that ensure their video has the correct metadata. This will be an automatic process very soon so that users can upload videos in a hassle free manner.Google has also announced that the iOS devices will also receive this feature very soon. The iPhone users and iPad can soon experience the 360 degree videos. To make the videos compatible with Youtube, Google has been working with a number of 360-degree camera makers. We will get to see a lot of 360 degree video entertaining us in future.

Google has started rolling out the updated Chrome 41 browser app for Android devices. The updated app arrives with the pull-down refresh feature. The app also features many other changes like it brings a fix for the buggy merged tab feature on Android Lollipop devices, ability to disable third-party cookies and reduced information in HTTP headers.

Google has also  unveiled the Android 5.1 Lollipop. There are a lot of improvements and changes in this version of Lollipop. Users will get performance improvements and also more stability. The Android  devices will now offer support for multiple SIM cards. The security  and privacy of your device has also been enhanced with the device protection feature. If you ever lost your android device then it will stay locked till your Google account information has been entered. It cannot be unlocked even if the device has been reset to factory.You can also experience HD voice on compatible phones. Users can make of the clear high-definition voice calls in their Android devices. Android 5.1 enables users to join WiFi networks and paired Bluetooth devices directly from your quick settings page.

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