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Top 8 Smartphones under $500, Grab one Today!

Are you seeking for smartphones under $500, then stop and check out us what will you buy. You don’t have to spend much on flagship models.

Large phones like the iPhone 12 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra can boast of good features, but they are also more expensive. But most people don’t need the power and performance of an elite handset – and seeing minor limitations can lead to significant cash savings.

The people who shop on a very low budget have more options than ever before, from brand new budget mobile phones to previous generation models. Despite the low prices, budget phones can be further improved by offering the same packaging features as high-end phones. There are more multi-lens cameras, faster processors, more memory, and 5G connectivity. Also, if you want to buy an unlocked phone, your choices are even wider.

Smartphones under $500

Apple iPhone SE

There is a gap of four years between the iPhone SE 2020 and the previous one, Apple being the latest budget phone. This includes wireless charging, better cameras and water resistance. If you are looking for a new iPhone, but want to save as much money as possible, the $ 399 iPhone SE is the best choice for a low-priced iPhone.

Capacity  64 GB/128gb/256GB
Display  4.7 inch, 1334×750 pixel resolution
Camera  12MP, 5X digital zoom, selfie 7MP camera
Battery Video playback 13 hr,streaming 8 hr, fast charging within 30 min
OS  iOS14
SIM  dual


Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Well, looking into the flagship model Galaxy S21, Samsung A series phones are more expensive. This year, the Galaxy A52 introduced the 5G model with four cameras, a selfie camera, a fingerprint sensor and expandable memory. Samsung has released this phone in a few interesting colors, but those who buy it in the US can only find it by trying. It comes at a price of $4999.99. So do you think its the one smartphones under $500.

Capacity  128GB/256GB
Display  6.5 inch, 1080 x 2400 pixel resolution, SAMOLED
Camera  64+12+5+5MP (back)& 32 MP (selfie)
Battery 4500mAh Li-po, fast charging within 30 min, c-type USB,
OS Android 11, One UI 3.1
SIM  dual


Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE packs much of what we expected from its range of premium S phones, including more rear cameras, excellent performance and 5G connectivity. But it is enfolded in cheaper materials and reduced the price to a more affordable phone. The phone is equipped with Octa-core Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865 5G processor. And comes with a price of $500.

Capacity  128GB/256GB
Display  6.5 inch, 1080 x 2400 pixel resolution, SAMOLED
Camera  12+8+12MP (back)& 32 MP (selfie)
Battery 4500mAh Li-ion, fast charging 25 W within 30 min, c-type USB,
OS  Android 10 upgradable, One UI 3.1
SIM  dual


Google Pixel 4A

Seeking for a budgeted phone, Pixel 4A is the way to go. In addition to a dual camera system and simple battery life, Google promises to create new apps and innovations in this process by 2023. With good phones, this is a difficult situation, and Google’s system really leaves you wondering why not all phones do much works to make your life easier. The device is equipped with Qualcomm SM7250 Snapdragon 765G 5G processor and cost you $499.99.

Capacity  128GB/6GB RAM
Display  6.2 inch, 1080 x 2340 pixel resolution, OLED
Camera  12.2+16MP (back)& 8 MP (selfie)
Battery 3885mAh Li-po, fast charging 18 W within 30 min, c-type USB,
OS  Android 11 upgradable
SIM  dual


OnePlus 8

oneplus 8

The OnePlus 8 amazed us with its solid details, better display and charming design. Even better, it also offers 5G data speeds, with a lower start-up price now, and can be purchased directly from the OnePlus online store for $ 449. This makes a great deal. The device is baked with Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865 5G processor.

Capacity  128GB/6GB RAM
Display  6.55 inch, 1080 x 2400 pixel resolution, SAMOLED
 48+16+2MP (back)& 16 MP (selfie), Dual LED Flash
Battery 4300mAh Li-po, fast charging 30 W within 30 min, c-type USB,
OS  Android 11 upgradable, OxygenOS 11
SIM  dual


Motorola Moto G Power


The Moto G Power comes with a 5000 mAh battery, which lasts for four days during testing. The phone has three rear cameras (one with a large lens), a 6.4-inch screen and extended memory. The demand price is not bad for $190. The processor is equipped with Qualcomm SDM665 Snapdragon 665 with 64GB 4GB RAM.

Capacity  128GB/6GB RAM
Display  6.4 inch, 1080 x 2300 pixel resolution, IPS LCD
Camera  8+16+2MP (back)& 16 MP (selfie), LED Flash
Battery 5000mAh Li-po, c-type USB,
OS  Android 10 upgradable,
SIM  dual


Apple iPhone XR

apple iphone xr



The iPhone XR may be three years ago released, but Apple has officially sold and received the latest version of iOS, which is a legitimate candidate for the money you’ve earned. It currently has a 6.1-inch LCD screen, 12MP rear camera, and an A12 Bionic processor of 64GB. It’s similar to the 2020 iPhone SE listing, but the larger screen will cost an extra $ 100.

Capacity 64GB 3GB RAM, 128GB 3GB RAM, 256GB 3GB RAM
Display  6.1 inch, 828 x 1792 pixel resolution, IPS LCD
Camera  12MP (back)& 7 MP (selfie), LED Flash
Battery 2942mAh Li-ion, Qi wireless charging,Fast charging 15W
OS iOS 12, upgradable to iOS 14.6
SIM  Single, Dual for china


Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G

moto g stylus 5g

The Moto G has a stylus (pen) that can be stored on the phone, as well as a writer app that can be downloaded to support design features. Now priced at Motorola stores for $ 280, the phone has a triple rear camera, 128GB storage and a powerful 4,000mAh battery. It does support 5G data speed, and named, the Moto G Stylus 5G. This offers plenty of internal storage, as well as an amazing $ 400 price tag.

Capacity  128GB/6GB RAM
Display  6.8 inch, 1080 x 2400 pixel resolution, LTPS IPS LCD
Camera  48+8+5+2MP (back)& 16 MP (selfie), LED Flash
Battery 5000mAh Li-po, c-type USB, Charging 10 W
OS  Android 11 upgradable,
SIM  dual


So here are few devices under $500 you can choose from to get in hands by paying under your budget. Well, which one you choose for yourself, do comment us below.

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