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What is the Impact of Dark Mode on smartphones battery life

It is believed that using dark mode on smartphones set with OLED screens can help extend battery life. This is because OLED displays consume little or no power when displaying black content. In contrast, when they have to turn on individual pixels to view light content, they tend to consume more power. Then what does the Dark Mode put impact on smartphone’s battery life we are on discussion table.

Impact of Dark Mode on smartphones battery life 1

Impact of Dark Mode on smartphones

A new study shows that dark mode is unlikely to significantly improve smartphone battery life. In this study, the researchers tested six of the most popular Android applications in the Google Play store. These are Google Maps, Google News, Google Mobile, Google Calendar, YouTube, and Calculator. The test was done on Google Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 5 and Moto Z3.

The researchers used a tool called Per-Frame OLED Power Profiler (PFOP) developed by the team to measure the power consumption of each pixel. The researchers analyzed how dark mode affects the one-minute activity in each of the above apps.

According to this survey, many users have turned on auto-brightness enabled on their smartphones, and they can maintain a screen brightness of about 40-45% indoors. Researchers at Purdue University have found that activating dark mode when the screen brightness is 35-50% can usually save 3-9% of battery power. However, it depends on your smartphone.

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Researchers have initiate that the disparity in energy saving is so small that most consumers hardly observe the dissimilarity. However, they noticed that the elevated brightness level, the higher the energy saving effect when using dark mode. At 100% brightness, you can save 39% to 47% of battery power by switching from bright to dark.

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One more fascinating study of this research is that the power output of OLED displays with bright objects at low light levels is the same in dark mode as at higher brightness levels.

for instance, researchers found that the Google News app on Pixel 5 put away the similar quantity of power in bright mode as when the screen brightness is set to 20%, and up to 50% in dim mode. This means that you can boost the brightness of your phone when using dark mode without receiving unnecessary fines.

Research clearly shows that if you use it in dark format just to extend the battery life of your smartphone, it will not change much. However, the darker method is easier for the eyes, which cannot be deliberate in the study.

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